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Slingmax Rigging Solutions Expands Engineering Capabilities

Posted on May 24, 2016

Slingmax® Rigging Solutions is proud to announce that construction has been completed on a state of the art rigging technology and testing laboratory at company Headquarters in Aston, Pennsylvania. Slingmax® Inc. is an industry leader well known for high quality overhead lifting equipment with innovative technologies that have developed into staples of the rigging industry.

With the facility expansion and laboratory construction complete, Slingmax has also grown the product research and development team. R&D projects are now being worked on by an eight person team comprised of technical specialists; three full time staff engineers, engineering consultants from Temple University, Virginia Tech, and a specialized PHD who has previous experience working on projects with NASA. In conjunction with this team, the new laboratory expands capabilities in fiber testing, prototyping, material analysis, and design verification. Slingmax® Inc. is looking to the future of the rigging industry and now has the pieces set in place for continuous improvement and innovation.