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Caldwell's ALG at Florida’s Orlando International Airport

Posted on February 29, 2016

Testimonials by the companies and people who use and rely on products in the field are worth their weight in gold.  Recently,  Eric McDonald, Field Engineer with Hensel Phelps Construction, had this to say about Caldwell products while working onsite at the Orlando International Airport.  “Caldwell’s Adjustable Lifting Grab is a great product! We have been moving our cut off piles around using slings and we have thousands of cut offs on site, so you can imagine the time saved by using the ALG. It has increased our productivity three-fold due to the auto-latching feature. With Caldwell’s Adjustable Lifting Grab you just position the grab onto the cut off and lift, you’re good to go! Among the other numerous features that I like is the ALG’s adjustable size range feature, it allows for picking up of product that are different sizes and thicknesses, once again very, very versatile.”

The Caldwell Adjustable Lifting Grab is the variable solution you need on your worksite to handle a wide range of loads. Ideal for blocks of concrete, stone, rough marble, granite, or any other solid material. The Adjustable Lifting Grab can handle loads as narrow as 3”, as wide as 60” and any size in between. Custom configurations are also available.