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The Three Gorges Dam

Posted on January 24, 2016

By James Hood, age 8

Winner of Wire Rope Exchange Kids' Essay Contest

Inspiring the Future Builders of the World

The three gorges dam in china spans along the Yangtze River. It’s the world’s largest power station! The whole dam was finished in 2012! The workers finished the whole body of the dam in 2006! – But the dam once flooded making people flee from there home’s. The dam is 7,661 feet long [1.4 miles.2.3 kilometers.] and 600 feet tall- [185 meters] plus it’s made of 510,000 tons of steel that’s enough metal to build the Eiffel Tower 60 time’s! –Also the Eiffel Tower was only made with 8,500 tons of metal. The Yangtze River [The river that the three gorges dam runs on.] is the worlds’ third largest river. [Maybe that’s why they call the dam three.] [It’s actually called the three gorges dam because three rivers run into the dam.]

When the dam was built farmers did not like it. Once the dam was built the water could not get to their crops and then the crops dried out.

The dam took 17 years to build. [1995-2012] During the process of building it 100 workers died. The dam itself is worth 24-billon dollars maybe even more! 26 turbines were designed to help produce more than 18,000 megawatts of electricity-twenty times the power of dam hoover. In 2014 some 44 million tons of cargo was transported through the dam