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Loos HotWire publishes: "How to confirm your cable meets Mil-Specs!"

Posted on January 13, 2014

Check out an excerpt below from Loos & Co.’s latest HotWire Blog

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“Have you ever seen statements such as, “Meets the strength requirement of MIL-DTL-83420?” We have, and it’s those statements that confuse the consumer. Wire rope catalogs and websites are plastered in them. This is a claim we find very harmful, as it is meant to confuse the end user. Most of the time, cable that is being advertised this way is commercial grade aircraft cable that does not meet MIL-DTL-83420.”

“You can protect yourself from this, and here are a few pointers to assist you. If an aircraft cable truly is a military specification aircraft cable, it has been built by a Qualified Producer (see military specifications Qualified Producers Lists) to meet particular performance requirements. The cable has passed several levels of strength and endurance testing to achieve the military specification designation.”

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