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Lucas Honored with ASME Award

Posted on September 25, 2013

Charles Lucas of The Crosby Group, LLC, Tulsa, OK and Chair of WSTDA’s Testing Technical Committee was presented with an ASME Dedicated Service Award during the May 2013 meeting of the B30 Main Committee, held in Denver, CO. The annual award is presented to one of the over 700 individual volunteers in the Safety Committees of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Larry Means, chairman of the B30 committees, made the presentation during the main committee session. Lucas has served on the Main Committee, B30.9 Slings Committee, B30.10 Hooks Committee and has chaired B30.26 Rigging Hardware from its inception. The award was presented to Lucas for his leadership in the rapid development of the B30.26 Rigging Hardware standard.
From WSTDA’s Fall Uplifting Newsletter 2013