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Crosby Unveils the Easy-Loc™ Bolt Securement System

Posted on November 13, 2012

The Crosby Group is pleased to introduce the new Crosby Easy-Loc™ Bolt Securement System. The patent pending system utilizes a hinged split collar assembly that eliminates the traditional threaded bolt, nut and cotter pin. For heavy lifting applications, the Crosby Easy-Loc™ system coupled with the industry leading Crosby shackles provides many features that will simplify the lifting experience. The Crosby Easy-Loc™ will be standard on 125 metric ton through 300 metric ton Crosby G-2160 Wide Body Shackles and G-2140 Alloy Shackles.

The Crosby Easy-Loc™ eases the bolt installation with no heavy nuts to lift. When compared to the nuts used with the traditional system, the hinged collar provides up to a 70% weight reduction. In addition, the new bolt securement system eliminates the loss of the cotter pin. The hinged split collar “retention bolt” is permanently affixed for easy access and to prevent loss.

To find out more about the new Crosby Easy-Loc™ Bolt Securement System, contact The Crosby Group at (800) 797-4611 or visit