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Green Pin Sunken Hole Shackles Now Available

Posted on November 2, 2012

Van Beest recently produced stock of the Green Pin Sunken Hole Shackles with a WLL of 17 t. The company now stocks a range from WLL 2 t up to 17 t in both bow and dee.

Because this shackle has no protruding parts, it can be used in applications where the shackle may get stuck, such as with fishing nets. Also, the overall outside width is smaller because there is no head on the pin, which makes this shackle ideal for use in confined spaces, such as lifting through small holes or tubes.

The bow and pin are constructed of grade six high-tensile steel that’s been quenched and tempered, while the finish is hot-dipped galvanized. The key for unscrewing the pin must be ordered separately.