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Van Beest Offers Smaller Sling Shackle Option

Posted on October 1, 2012

After the recent introduction of the Green Pin Sling shackle WLL 30 tons, Van Beest is expanding its range of shackles once again with the release of a smaller size: 18 tons. These shackles now cover a range of working load limits up to 1,500 tons!

Green Pin Sling Shackle WLL 18t

Compared to the standard Green Pin shackles, this smaller version has an increased bow radius for protecting slings and improving resistance to wear and tear. These shackles are ideal for use with wire rope and synthetic sling applications.

At no extra charge, this product can be supplied with a works certificate, material certificate, manufacturer test certificate, EC declaration of Conformity, and all shackles from 75 tons are supplied with a Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certificate on proof load. An MPI and/or U.S. inspection certificate can be supplied upon request.