New Wire Rope Non-Destructive Testing Technology from SCX Improves Safety, Reduces Downtime

Street CraneXpress has invested in its market leading overhead crane diagnostic service, with a new device that acts as an early warning system for potential crane rope defects; avoiding unexpected faults and costly crane downtime.

This new service is the latest addition to the company’s condition monitoring services, which as part of the investment, been rebranded as Advanced Crane Diagnostics.

Rebranding what was the Condition Monitoring Service reflects the improvements made by the company as well as making it easier for both existing and new customers to select a programme appropriate for their needs.

Advanced Crane Diagnostics from Street CraneXpress is run in conjunction with Interface Condition Monitoring, and analyzes a crane’s critical components using non-destructive condition monitoring techniques, such as Thermal Imaging, Vibration Monitoring, Laboratory Oil Analysis and now, this Wire Rope NDT device which is able to scan a crane’s wire ropes and determine their quality throughout their whole cross-section and length; something that would otherwise be impossible. An Advanced Crane Diagnostics package can incorporate any of all of these techniques, tailor-made to individual crane criticality. It detects any faults that could cause potential downtime and, for what is a small outlay, provides huge benefits and quick payback through savings on downtime and repair costs.

All the Advanced Crane Diagnostic techniques identify faults within the same components as standard Planned Preventative Maintenance inspections, but using specialist technologies that can see beyond the limitations of the human eye highlights any potential issues much further in advance. Earlier diagnosis not only improves health and safety, but saves money by identifying possible maintenance problems and downtime before they happen.

“The latest investment and rebranding of our Advanced Crane Diagnostics services brings together all these specialist techniques into one easy to understand programme,” said Ray Fletcher, Director of Street CraneXpress. “While a standard maintenance program is perfectly sufficient for the average crane, those being used continuously as a critical element of the manufacturing process require special attention. A breakdown on one of these high duty cranes can cause a costly halt in production, but with this early diagnosis customers get more time to schedule repairs, which can be completed during planned downtime.”

The investment and improvements to the service mean that Street CraneXpress continues to be best placed to support customer requirements around High Duty Cranes within the large scale manufacturing, automotive, industrial production and metals processing sector.

Cranes within these environments require specialist knowledge to operate safely, efficiently and continuously. Street CraneXpress has been operating planned preventative maintenance programmes within these industries for over 40 years.

As well as going further towards eliminating the risk of breakdowns and therefore preventing unplanned downtime, Advanced Crane Diagnostics keeps cranes running in prime condition, leading to optimized production.

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