New Modulift Products Driven by Customer Demand

As a direct response to requests, Modulift, the global engineering company has developed innovative new equipment to make life much easier for the heavy lifting industry.

Alongside offering specialist technical expertise, the UK-based company manufactures lifting and spreader beams, spreader frames and other ‘between the hook and the load’ lifting equipment, that is used globally across sectors including wind energy, nuclear, construction, and the oil and gas industries.

The new products, now available, are the Modulift Adjustable Modular Lifting Beam and the Modulift Trunnion Drop Link. They’ve both been designed as standard products, so they are ready to order and save time and money.

Modulift Adjustable Modular Lifting Beam

This new adjustable lifting beam offers the same flexibility and cost-effective benefits as the premium Modulift Spreader Beams but has multiple pad eyes, so the beam can adapt to lift various weights and sizes.

The main benefits are:

  • Available in a series of three: Light (up to 50t), Medium (up to 170t) and Heavy (up to 240t)
  • Order any length from 1m upwards and add to your beam as required to achieve spans up to 19m
  • Use as a lifting beam or a semi spreader beam
  • Modular system reduces transport costs as longest component length is 6m
  • Reduced handling requirements

Modulift Trunnion Drop Link

This drop link is an alternative trunnion option that can be easily and quickly attached to a sling.

The main benefits are:

  • Requires only one top shackle, not two, thus enabling safer and quicker sling attachment, saving time and money
  • Compatible with Modulift Spreader Beams from MOD6 up to MOD110 with a capacity of up to 55t
  • Works with flat webbing slings up to the MOD50 and wire rope and synthetic slings up to the MOD110.

Modulift’s technical director, Sue Spencer said:” We invite everyone, both inside and outside our company, to come up with good ideas for new products – we then start developing the best and the most beneficial.

“Our standard lifting beam is already a brilliant product, so we thought the only way to make it better was to make it adjustable. Lots of our customers have different requirements to move a variety of fixed sized objects like metal skids – so rather than have lots of different sized beams, they can just have one that is size adjustable. This is so much more efficient for our clients.

Request from our customer, RRS Group

“As engineers, it’s really satisfying to develop a product that makes work a lot easier for others. With the trunnion drop link, we responded to a request from our customer, RRS Group. It already had our beams and wanted compatible drop links. It’s so much easier to attach trunnion drop links, especially for really heavy lifts, so it was an easy decision to not just make them for one customer but to add them to our range.”

Kevin Crockford from the lifting and transportation company, RRS Group said: “We purchased a set of trunnions from Modulift to meet a customer requirement. From the early stages of design, through to production and then delivery, Modulift was very helpful and always kept us informed of the status of the project.”

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