New LEEA website makes it easy to check lifting equipment examiners and testers


LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) has launched a new website that enables rapid online verification of anyone presenting a TEAM Card, the registration and identity scheme for workers qualified to test, examine and maintain overhead lifting equipment. By entering the TEAM Card’s unique serial number and company name into an online tool at, employers will now be able to view a digital copy of the card itself, along with the holder’s LEEA Diploma qualifications and relevant work experience. As a result, they can confirm the authenticity of the card and the holder’s skills and expertise, or identify any attempts at fraud and deception. 

Part of a complete redesign of the LEEA website, the system will further strengthen the fast-growing TEAM
Card programme, which is now used by thousands of workers in countries right around the world. To qualify for a TEAM Card, the holder must have passed LEEA’s industry-recognized Diploma qualification and be employed by a LEEA member company.

“The TEAM Card is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for anyone intending to test, examine or maintain overhead lifting equipment,” commented John Williams, operations manager for LEEA. “This new online tool reflects our commitment to ensuring only properly qualified workers are able to work on safety-critical equipment such as cranes, hoists, slings and load lifting attachments.”

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