New LEEA Course Offers Essential Insight for End Users in all Sectors

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) launched the End User Guidance CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Course on 7 July 2022  – Global Lifting Awareness Day – as part of the Association’s new Academy 2.0 Platform. This one-day course provides an essential insight to general legal responsibilities for lifting equipment owners and end users. It is suitable for Company Directors, Senior Managers and responsible persons where lifting equipment is used in the business.

The course content includes: an introduction to the legislative requirements for owners and end users of lifting equipment that covers standards and best practice; principles for selection of equipment, information to be exchanged between the user and supplier, and the various types of thorough examination; the role of the competent person conducting thorough examinations of equipment.

On completion, attendees will gain an underpinning knowledge of the legislative frameworks, standards and best practices applicable to owners and end users of lifting equipment. They will also understand how equipment must be managed from procurement through to discard, its thorough examination requirements and record keeping.

This course is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa, Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese. It can be accessed via the LEEA website at:

End User Guidance is the first of a series of courses being launched on LEEA’s new Academy 2.0 platform, developed in partnership with Nucleus Learning.  This platform provides a truly global learning offering – accessible anywhere a student has an Internet connection and a web browser. A bespoke learning app allows offline learning whenever desired. To ensure a qualification gives the student the ability to demonstrate safe capabilities, Nucleus created a new assessment engine. The platform provides a virtual exam hall controlled by LEEA trainers, randomised examination questions and the LEEA app enables the camera on a smart device to validate the student and lock down their ability to use search engines during the examination.

Andrew Wright, Deputy CEO at LEEA, said: “The End User Guidance course provides an essential insight to general legal responsibilities for lifting equipment for end user ‘Duty Holders’. The Duty Holder Is the person responsible for the lifting equipment in service within their company’s operation, and it is vital that they are aware of all their legal responsibilities.”

He added: “Through its work with our team on developing the platform, Nucleus Learning has provided LEEA’s new Academy 2.0 with one of the most robust remote assessment engines in the world, giving the assurance that the qualifications gain via this channel uphold the Association’s ‘gold standard’.”

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