New App Records Crane Operator Experience

A new mobile app called SkillRecord makes it easy for skilled tradespeople to log their work experience and share it with peers, mentors and employers.

In Canada, the BC Association for Crane Safety (BCACS) sponsored the rollout of the SkillRecord logbook app for over 10,000 crane operators. The logbook app is used by trainee and experienced crane operators, as co-founder Gunnar Mardon explained.

“Our goal is to create a community of skilled professionals who track workplace activity and share information to promote continued improvement of best practices – even after they are fully qualified,” said Mardon.

An earlier web-based logbook has been in use by BCACS since 2011. The new app represents a natural progression, extending the logbook’s use to phones and other mobile devices.

SkillRecord makes it quick and easy to capture information including hours worked and equipment used. A checklist of common tasks is available for each type of equipment making it possible to capture detailed information with very little data entry. The app also allows photos to be added to logbook entries.

Once recorded, the app summarizes information in a variety of useful ways: by project, equipment type, date range, etc… These summaries make it easy to review a trainee’s progress or the experience of a potential new hire.

“Industry needs qualified people who are mobile across jurisdictions. We think that SkillRecord will help skilled workers demonstrate competence across jurisdictions and countries. An operator might join a large crane company and be required to travel from Edmonton to Houston, or Toronto or Vancouver to run a specific piece of equipment. SkillRecord mobilizes their skills and competence.”

Mardon encourages other companies and organizations to adopt the technology.
SkillRecord is intended to be used as a standalone logbook service but it can also provide other member functionality and can also be integrated with existing infrastructure. In the case of BCACS, SkillRecord is also used to help automate the administration of credentials for over 10,000 crane operators.

Mardon concluded: “Reaction from industry has been extremely positive. People like SkillRecord’s user-centric approach. We’re pleased with the impact we’ve had on the crane industry to date and are excited about the role SkillRecord can play in the careers of people in other trades and in other jurisdictions.”

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