NACB’s Westward Expansion Plans

The crane and lifting training and services organization, NACB, Inc., has built its reputation on quality, professionalism, and integrity for nearly 30 years.  This mixture of philosophies has proven itself to be the key ingredients to their success.   NACB, headquartered in Central Florida, and with physical operations in multiple cities, is looking to expand.

What is triggering this expansion?  For starters, NACB conducts a very successful Professional Development Conference annually.  This training conference and exposition is generally held on the west side of the US.  “Although we’ve experimented with alternate locations/states for this conference, we’ve recognized a greater impact of this event when we’ve held it in the west,” states Mr. Joe Crispell, Executive Vice President of NACB, Inc.

With the success of the PDC, NACB recognizes the interest and needs for enhanced training that our friends in the west have shown us, and has made the decision to begin expansion considerations in the west for ease of training logistics and costs for those seeking safety improvements.

“We’re very excited to see the west being energized.  Over the years, we have seen the ebb and flow of training and safety awareness, but now it appears that operational knowledge and safety has the gotten attention it truly deserves in our sometimes dangerous industry,” states Mr. Ted Blanton, Sr., President and CEO of NACB, Inc.

NACB is looking to build on the PDC’s success in the region.  The intent of the expansion will be to provide easy access to folks in the west side of the country to NACB’s offerings.  Some of these offerings include, training room/facilities, Crane Training Simulator Showroom, light manufacturing, and after-market training products.   “With this expanded operation in the west, we will be much better geared to meet the needs and demands of both our clients in the region, as well as better get to know our opportunities that exist there,” states Mr. L.D. Stutes, VP/Sales & Marketing,  “We are very excited at the prospect of learning more about the area’s needs.  We have also seen a tremendous spike in interest in simulation training, and we’re excited at the ability to now demonstrate the simulators more localized.”

NACB, Inc. will continue to expand on its recent training and manufacturing facility in Central Florida as well.  NACB-IES, Inc. (Interactive Educational Systems) designs and manufactures it’s crane training simulators which are used not only in NACB, Inc.’s training courses, but are also sold for organizations to use in their own training.  The increased demand for this type of training resource has driven NACB-IES, Inc. to invest in advanced manufacturing equipment, and personnel which is leading to reduced turn-around and lead time on its simulator orders.  “Improving our relationships and exceeding the expectations of our clients is what we’re all about.  We will make whatever investments that we must, to ensure that our clients get what they expect, or more,” states Mr. Ted Blanton, Sr.  “This includes investing in additional real estate in other areas, so that our clients experience is both easier and better for them.”

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