Monorail Manufacturers Association Launches Promotional Video

The leading authority on underhung cranes and monorail systems, Monorail Manufacturers Association (MMA), has launched a five-minute video to raise awareness of the independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry (MHI).

The video is powered by the Overhead Alliance, a marketing vehicle representing the collective interests of trade association MHI’s product groups, Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) and MMA.

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MMA members, which produce the preponderance of patented and enclosed track underhung cranes and monorail systems, hope the video will engage target audiences online and at industry events by outlining the benefits of the group via a modern, visual marketing platform.

Rob Beightol, president of MMA, said: “The Overhead Alliance serves as the marketing arm of the hoist, crane, and monorail groups of MHI, and part of its role is to spread awareness of the many benefits of overhead lifting.”

He added: “When it comes to monorails, many times the first image that comes to mind is not a system designed to transport loads around a facility. The same is true for the MMA designator—the first thing that comes to the public’s mind is likely mixed martial arts. This video is designed to spread the awareness of monorails and particularly the Monorail Manufacturers Association as a premier source for solutions to material handling challenges. Whenever a user has a unique lifting and positioning challenge, no matter the industry, we want to position the MMA as a ‘go to’ source for education, expertise, and product selection.”

The video starts by stating MMA’s credentials, with the voiceover saying its members have addressed the diverse lifting requirements of top companies around the world for over 80 years, to allow them to safely and efficiently move product around their facilities. It goes on to explore the differences between patented track and enclosed track systems, explaining when each should be applied to material handling situations.

The creator of the video concept said: “The video adopts the ‘storyline’ technique, which gradually reveals more and more through an eye-catching, evolving version of the image being drawn in real time. This captures and holds the viewer’s attention, while the voiceover explains the concepts relevant to that image. Photos from member companies are used to supplement this material and show real life examples of monorail systems.”


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