Modulift’s New CMOD Spreader Frame – Now Lighter, Stronger AND Half the Price

Modulift has redeveloped their renowned CMOD Modular Spreader Frame; it comes with an updated Corner Unit design which is up to 40% lighter while also being stronger than the original version. The additional benefit of being up to 50% less expensive means this new design offers an ideal solution for cost-conscious projects without compromising on safety or performance.

The new CMOD Corner Unit is the result of a meticulous design process using ANSYS, one of the most sophisticated software packages used in engineering. Modulift’s team of in-house engineers conducted a non-linear contact stress analysis on the corner unit bow, simulating a full design load applied through the shackle.

As a result, the new and improved corner units effectively minimize contact stresses between the top shackle bow and corner unit centre plate, providing optimal performance and durability. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Test Results show that the high contact stresses are extremely localised and do not cause any overstress or deformation on the CMOD Corner Unit plate.

New CMOD Corner Units can be combined with existing Modulift Struts and T-Pieces to create a 4-, 6- or 8-point lifting frame. Whether lifting vehicles, equipment, buildings or turbines, the CMOD spreader frame is an extremely flexible lifting solution that can be reused over multiple lifts.

Modulift’s CMOD range features eight different sizes to suit individual lifting needs, starting with the compact CMOD 6, capable of a maximum WLL of 8t and an assembled span range between 0.5m and 2.5m, all the way up to the mighty CMOD 250, boasting a max WLL of 300t and a span range between 2m and 20m.

With weight efficiencies ranging from 15% to a remarkable 40%, you can trust that the new CMOD range will lighten the load, delivering exceptional performance with a large cost saving.

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