Modulift Spreader Beams to Carry EurAsian Conformity Mark as Standard

Modulift spreader beams will now carry the EurAsian Conformity (EAC) mark as standard, as the below-the-hook equipment manufacturer receives increased demand for its products from countries in the region.

The mark, which is made of three letters of the same width and height to form the shape of a square, will be added to stainless steel identification plates that are welded to every Modulift spreader beam during the manufacturing process.

EAC certification is now required of manufacturers wishing to export their products into nations within the Eurasian Customs Union, including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. It came into use in 2013 but, following a transition period, it has now replaced GOST, which was previously the mark of conformity for many countries in the region.

The EAC mark will be engraved on the same Modulift plates that include the individual product serial number and serve as a hallmark of a manufacturing process that incorporates risk assessment and traceability so users can be assured of excellence in fabrication and production, complementing the company’s guarantee to oversee the build to the highest levels of competency.

Sarah Spivey, managing director of Modulift, said: “The addition of the EAC mark is significant in that it serves as another endorsement of quality and applies our products directly to lifting applications in this important marketplace. Furthermore, it is timely as Modulift continues to welcome interest from EurAsian countries, most notably from Kazakhstan, an area that has recently been boosted by rising oil output and prices.”

Spivey explained that EurAsian conformity is only granted after products have proved to be compliant with the requirements of the technical regulations applicable to a piece of equipment. Products must now have either a Declarations of Conformity or a Letter of Exemption to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) in order to cross the borders of the relevant countries.

Spivey added: “The Customs Union is an important region to our business plan and carrying this harmonised conformity mark as standard can only help us further as we raise our profile as the leading authority on, and provider of, below-the-hook equipment.”

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