Modulift Spreader Beam supports Iceland’s oldest company

A Modulift spreader beam was key to the successful lift of four new storage tanks for fishing and processing company, Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja hf, recently.

Supporting the Economy

The new tanks, each at a height of 17 metres and weighing 25t, will help increase the freezing and storage of capelin fish so that the company’s vessels can return to fishing as soon as possible. Capelin fish is the most ecologically important fish in Iceland’s waters, as well as an important contributor to the Icelandic economy. With no quotas on what can be caught this year, prices for capelin products still in storage are likely to rise. Hence getting the tanks fitted safely and quickly is vital in helping the company’s vessels returning to fishing quickly, keeping the company’s production running smoothly and the economy buoyant.

Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja hf was established in 1901 as an icehouse to store bait that supported the Icelandic fishermen. They now own a number of fishing vessels, and operates fish processing and fishmeal plants in both the Westman Islands, located south off the mainland, and at Thorshofn, which is situated in northeast Iceland. 

Whilst JÁVERK ehf. were the main contractor for the project, they asked Heimir og Larus ehf, who have been providing lifting equipment to the Icelandic lifting industry since 1973, to source the Modulift spreader beam for the lift.

With two cranes on site, a Grove GMK 5130 and a Grove GMK 5100, a Modulift MOD 50 spreader beam was the perfect partnership for the four lifts that took place. The Modulift MOD 50 at its maximum span of 13 metres, has a lifting capacity of 18t. However, on this occasion a span of 8 metres, which has a lifting capacity of 50t, was required.

High Level of Documentation

Each lift took less than an hour to complete, but the key to any lift is the preparation, and we have worked with Modulift on a number of occasions. With their dedication to customer service and truly understanding how vital speed of delivery is, especially getting a product delivered to us here in Iceland, without compromising on safety, is what makes us choose them time and time again.  They also provide a high level of documentation, which our insurers insist upon”, said Lárus Lárusson, Owner of Heimir og Larus ehf.

Investigation is Key

Sarah Spivey, Managing Director of Modulift said “Working closely with our customers to understand their lifting requirements helps to ensure they receive the right product for their lift.  A customer may ask for a particular product by name, but it‘s only when we talk through the lift in more detail are we able to offer the most suitable product for their specific requirements. On most occasions it‘s also more cost effective for them too. As well as cost, we also understand that delivering the right product on time has a huge impact to the overall succcess of a project too.  Like this one for Lárus”.

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