Modulift Launches their CMOD Spreader Frame

CMod Frame[3]Summer 2013 has seen the development of Modulift’s first Modular Spreader Frame.  Modulift are already the market leaders in Spreader Beam design and manufacture, but they have now extended their modular offering, by launching the CMOD Spreader Frame!

The development of the CMOD has been in response to customer demand and a gap in the market for a truly adaptable frame: one that maintains its engineering principles as its configuration adapts.   Designed with ease and economy in mind – the CMOD is simple for the user to set up, maneuver and equally easy for the user to reconfigure to any size frame – allowing for multiple uses and diverse application.

CMOD Spreader FrameThe CMOD Spreader Frame comprises the Modulift struts (as per the Modulift Spreader Beam range) and adds the newly designed CMOD Corner Units.  Available from CMod6 up to CMod70.

During the development process focus groups were asked to review the CMOD against a standard fixed frame: one recognised point was existing customers can adapt their current Spreader Beam into a frame, by simply bolting on the corresponding CMOD Corner Units and any additional struts required.

Another point noted from the focus group was the ease of transportation…Even the largest CMOD frame (stretching 12m x 12m) can be easily transported as the frame is broken down into its modular parts, saving the cost of specialist transportation and logistics.

CMOD Spreader Frame_2The CMOD Spreader Frame is strong too – currently lifting up to 70t, with plans for 110t capacity, in development!   Spans ranging from 0.5mto 12m2, whilst adapting up to 1m x 12m in a rectangular frame, (and all spans in between).   The system was designed to BS EN 13155 factors – Non Fixed Lifting Load Attachments and conforms to GL Noble Denton guidelines concerning Shackles.

Modulift launches their CMOD Frame September 2013!


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