Miller Lifting Products Introduces New Tag Line Insulator for Power Line Electrical Safety Market

Miller Lifting Products of Charlton, Massachusetts has announced the introduction of its new INSU-LINE® Tag Line Insulator to assist crane owners and operators in providing non-conductive tag lines for the safety of their ground personnel involved in handling loads in the vicinity of overhead power lines. Miller’s new tag line insulator will be available for shipment starting November 1, 2011.

Recent OSHA requirements for crane electrical safety require that crane owners and operators assure that tag lines used by ground personnel to guide loads be non-conductive when operating within specific distances of live overhead power lines. Since the synthetic ropes typically used for tag lines can become moistened or contaminated in use, or with age, the degree of their non-conductivity may remain in question. The new Miller tag line insulator, when integrated into the tagline, provides assurance that effective non-conductivity is achieved. Adapted from proven distribution line insulator technology, the tag line insulator is rated for 50 kV at a maximum current leakage of 0.05 mA, and is designed to prevent flashover in wet conditions up to 75 kV at 60 Hz. The new Miller tag line insulator is also the lightest on the market at 2 lbs., minimizing its effect on the “feel” of the tag person holding the line. A brochure detailing the features of the new tag line insulator is available on the Company website at Tag line and other power line safety requirements are defined in OSHA’s 29 CFR Part 1926, Cranes and Derricks in Construction.

Miller Lifting Products, founded in 1935, is a manufacturer of lifting accessories primarily for use with cranes in the construction, industrial, offshore and energy sectors. Miller’s product line includes hook blocks, sheaves, ball bearing rope swivels, insulating links, line pulling swivels, heavy forged hooks and other, custom lifting devices.


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