Phoenix Wire Rope Rigging

The Phoenix rises from its own ashes into a flight of fire and passion, expelling an unparalleled excellence throughout the journey of a new day. This symbolizes our fresh approach to an age-old way of doing business. Beginning with quality, only the highest standards are pursued. Our service, quick and reliable, our pricing, intended to keep you at a competitive edge. Today, quality, service and price seem to be a bit worn. True, a company that offers all three usually gets the order. We take this a step further: the better equipped our customers, the better the chance they secure the order. Offering product education, field training, safety and technical support, our programs ensure you ll be consistently in a favorable position to succeed. After all, if you do not get the order, neither do we.

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Type Quantity Description Price
Wire Rope 340 Wooden Spools 1/8" 7x19 SSAC T-316 x 5000 ft. -… $0.09 each

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