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pewag has hundreds of years experience in the manufacturing of chains and their components. Since the first documented reference of its forging plant in Brueckl, Austria in 1479, the pewag group has become one of the leading chain manufacturers worldwide. Today its success is based on well-engineered state-of-the-art quality products. pewag’s main product lines are traction chains, industrial chains and tire-protection-chains. In 2009 pewag Inc. opened its brand new 55,000 sq.ft. distribution center in Bolingbrook, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Located next to the Interstate 55 (former Route 66), pewag is clearly visible by passerby’s and well-positioned to serve the needs of its customers. Since 1975, pewag has been able to establish itself as the innovator in the North American chain market; and continues to be first in many areas. First manufacturer world-wide to introduce Grade 120 chains and components in 2003. Grade 120 offers 50% higher working load limits than the Grade 80 chains! Winner of the “Pinnacle Award” from the readers of “Craneworks Magazine” for the best product innovation in the category “material handling” in 2004. First manufacturer to supply chains for the giant CAT 994 loader. pewag was also the first company world-wide to offer 23mm chains for giant loaders in 2007. And, the first manufacturer to offer the revolutionary SNOX- self-mounting traction chain.

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