Chant Engineering

Started in 1970 Chant Engineering is a multi-faceted, diversified engineering company that designs, manufactures, services and calibrates testing machines, systems and related accessories for worldwide industrial and military customers. At Chant Engineering, we strive for “Engineering Excellence” in everything we do. Chant Engineering’s innovative machines are used to test in tension, compression, fatigue, and torsion. We also manufacture a complete line of aircraft and component hydraulic test stands for testing pressures, flows, temperature, cleanliness, etc. We manufacture aerospace and military components as well as civil works hydraulic equipment and controls. We provide complete worldwide turnkey projects from conception through completion with on-site installation, start-up, training and documentation. We have a team of technicians that travel the world doing calibration, maintenance and service.

Products For Sale

Type Quantity Description Price
Equipment 1 National Brand - Used 5x7 and 6x12 Dies… Call or Email for price.
Equipment 1 100 Feet of Steel Framing • Last four… Call or Email for price
Equipment 1 Refurbished 500K Lucker Wire Rope Grip • Manual… Call or Email for price.
Equipment 1 Refurbished 400K Lucker Wire Rope Grip • Manual… Call or Email for price.

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