Maxim Crane Works Announces Significant Growth in the Central Region

Maxim Crane Works is pleased to announce the significant growth in the Central region that has been achieved through organic and strategic Cap Ex planning. Randy Johnston, President of Maxim Crane’s largest region stated “We have had tremendous success in our region by identifying the future needs of our customers and acquiring the specialized equipment needed to meet those demands. In addition to hiring several new cranes specialists throughout the state, we have moved over $60 million of new capex into our market in the past 12 months,” said Johnston.

“In addition to our Maxim team’s ability to identify and successfully acquire key strategic partners, such as CRC and Poindexter just recently, we feel that organic growth is one of the keys to our success in the region. We have built a team in the Gulf Coast that continues to attract and retain new talent. While we are always open to discuss additional acquisitions in the Greater Texas Region, we have had tremendous success in the market by offering turn-key lifting and service related crane rental options to our customers on a 24-7 basis,” continued Johnston.

“Overall, we feel that our Team has executed a perfect plan to meet and exceed the customer needs in the Central USA. We will continue to add new cranes and specialized gear into the region organically as well as via acquisitions in the future.”

“As everyone knows, the working conditions in the Gulf are extremely rigorous; require engineering and safety expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. Our ability to bring in nearly 70 new cranes this year already has meant that we offer the largest and most modern fleet in the market. In addition to ramping up our fleet and personnel, we have been able to devote a lot of attention to our Dallas market,” said Johnston. “This increased focus from our existing locations has allowed us to expand our coverage with existing customers as they work beyond some of their traditional locations. Our sales efforts, led by John Gutirez, has continued to focus on providing our clients with the ability to make one call to Maxim and satisfy their equipment lifting and service needs anywhere in the country,” concluded Johnston.

“We recognize that our customers want to be able to maintain the relationships with our sales specialists everywhere that they have a project. The ability of our team throughout the 8 branches located in the Central region to communicate with each location in a seamless manner is an integral part of our success,” said John Gutirez, VP of Sales for the Central Region. “We have more than doubled the fleet size in several of our locations in the past 12 months which is allowing our team to provide our customers with un-matched turn-key service. Our team of crane operators, drivers, rigging specialists and engineers has provided Maxim with a platform to organically grow by attracting more and more quality people to the organization. While we will certainly look at acquisition opportunities in the future, we are confident that our strategic capex plan and footprint expansion in the Gulf will continue to drive growth and increased customer satisfaction throughout the region,” said Gutirez.

“Overall, we feel that our Team has executed a perfect plan to meet and exceed the customer needs in the Central USA. We will continue to add new cranes and specialized gear into the region organically as well as via acquisitions in the future,” said Randy Johnston. “The recent acquisition of CRC, in particular, will provide our team with another customer service offering revolving around the heavy lift and transport needs. We now have a state-of-the-art heavy haul division available to our customers operating all over the Central and SE regions. We are very proud of our team and thank our customers for providing us the support and confidence to continue expanding the Maxim Crane fleet and services across the country!” said Johnston.

About Maxim Crane Works, L.P.

Maxim Crane Works is the largest coast-to-coast provider of comprehensive lifting services in the United States. Maxim Crane Works has one of the largest, most modern fleets of mobile cranes in the world. Maxim Crane Works provides risk management, safety and insurance programs that are unparalleled in the industry. More information about Maxim Crane can be found on the Company’s website at

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