Maxim Crane and Crane Rental Corporation Manage Complex Logistics During Long-Distance Dual-Lane Heavy Haul

Maxim Crane Works, L.P. and Crane Rental Corporation continue to specialize in over-dimensional loads. This month the company completed moving three sections of a liquid natural gas (LNG) tank from Oklahoma to West Virginia—a project encompassing almost 8,000 miles and nearly 700,000 pounds of load moved.

Each trip was different due to paving, construction, and other changing factors along the route. The shortest distance one of the pieces traveled was 1,436 miles and the longest covered 1,724. “The biggest complexity of the project was the logistics,” said President of the Southeast Region Alan Ashlock. “Our experienced team designed a method to carry the loads, coordinated permits and escorts through multiple states and municipalities, and planned staging areas to park the loads at night.”

The end pieces of the LNG tank were 53 feet long, nearly 16 feet wide, almost 15 feet high, and weighed nearly 270,000 pounds. The center section was 32 feet long, approximately 15 feet in diameter, and weighed about 145,000 pounds. The loads traveled via suspension cables on Crane Rental’s innovative dual-lane transport trailer, all three moving during just 34 permitted days.

Turnkey service involved renting property near the final destination to serve as a staging area to load the pieces on Crane Rental’s self-propelled modular trailers for the final leg of their journey: 30 additional miles up winding roads with 9-11% grades. Once the pieces were brought to their destination Crane Rental’s team assisted in assembling the tank using 700-ton capacity gantries.

Frank Bardonaro, President of Sales and Business Development, said “Our heavy haul division enables the recently expanded Maxim team to provide a true one-stop shop for our customers throughout the nation. We are looking forward to expanding the heavy haul fleet to provide even more turnkey service coast to coast.”

Video of the move can be seen at distance-dual-lane

Crane Rental Corporation has been “selling nothing but service” since 1960. The company offers heavy hauling, rigging, and crane services nationwide and specializes in turnkey projects providing both equipment and experienced, certified labor. This year their industry-leading safety record has earned nearly a dozen safety awards from industry professional organizations.

Crane Rental was recently acquired by Maxim Crane Works, the largest coast-to-coast provider of comprehensive lifting services in the United States. Maxim has one of the largest, most modern fleets of mobile cranes in the world and provides risk management, safety, and insurance programs that are unparalleled in the industry.

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