Maxim Crane Adding Thirteen 400 ton to 825 ton Manitowoc Crawler Cranes

Maxim Crane, the largest crane rental company in North America, isn’t waiting for the future to take delivery of new, large capacity crawler cranes. They feel the future is NOW and have started taking delivery of several 400 ton to 825 ton size crawler cranes. Maxim has added over a dozen new cranes in the high capacity crane class in what is already the largest fleet of its size in the USA. They will have received delivery of an additional (6) 400 ton class machines and (6) 825 ton machines by the end of Q1, 2016 and every one of the cranes was shipped directly to working projects around the country. 

“We are pleased to be coming off of the most successful year in our company history and recognized the current need of our strategic partners requiring large capacity premier lifting cranes right now,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane. “Our ability to meet with key customers on a regular basis continuously allows us to identify these needs ahead of time and keeps a constant flow of new equipment coming into our fleet,” he added. 

“Maxim has always focused on strong relationships with the crane manufacturers. We recognize and work with the strongest European and US Crane manufacturers on a regular basis to help determine what the industry needs and identify who has the most versatile products for our customers when making our capex decisions,” added Frank Bardonaro, President of Sales for Maxim. “With our true coast-to-coast footprint, it is critical that we are able to strategically position attachments, components, parts and qualified technicians throughout the country. The addition of the (5) new Manitowoc 16000’s and (8) of the new VPC Class of crawlers right now, rather than waiting, has given our customers a tremendous advantage and multiple options for their complex lifting operations,” added Bardonaro. “We felt that by taking delivery of these new cranes now and in addition to the new cranes planned over the next several years, Maxim will be able to remain ahead of the curve and not waiting for new products to be introduced and tested over the next few years,” he added. 

“Maxim has been extremely focused on the specialized needs of our customers in the heavy lift and rigging sector,” stated Rob Schultz, VP of the Crawler division. “We have been looking at the new VPC design for years and felt that it would provide our customers with better lifting solutions on projects where site access and ground preparation were critical to the project. Although we looked at some of the new products that may be available in 2017 or 2018 from some of the European manufacturers, we knew we had a need for these cranes now and felt that the current engineering and support offered from Manitowoc offered the best solution and product available in the market,” he added. 

“Our fleet and service combined with our focus on safety has positioned Maxim as a preferred vendor to the most performance and safety focused projects and customers in the world,” added Carlisle. “As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we look forward to participating with manufacturers and customers as well as other industry professionals to ensure that we are re-investing in the best products the world has to offer,” said Carlisle. “We are excited to continue to offer our customers with new equipment, improved service and a constant focus on safety. Our investment in training our people and purchasing new equipment will ensure that Maxim Crane and our customers stay ahead of the market in every aspect,” he concluded.

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