Manitowoc to Launch New Crawler Cranes at ConExpo

Manitowoc2Manitowoc will introduce a new range of lattice-boom crawler cranes at ConExpo 2014. Among them will be the 180 ton (165 t) capacity Manitowoc MLC165, which makes its U.S. debut at the show. The crane will be joined by two completely new crawler cranes — details for which will be revealed at the show.

The Manitowoc MLC165 is designed for the global market. The crane was first shown at the bauma 2013 tradeshow in Germany. ConExpo marks its official launch stateside.

Jerry Maloney, global product director of Manitowoc, said the new MLC165′s many features make it an extremely versatile crawler crane for both contractors and rental houses.

“This self-rigging crane is very easy to assemble and disassemble,” he said. “It can install and remove its own counterweights and tracks without the need for an assist crane. In addition, it has a 10 ft. (3 m) component width and modular assemblies for easy transport over the road. The MLC165 features all the latest technology to benefit everyone from owners to the operator.”

The Manitowoc MLC165 is easy to maneuver on a job site or among several job sites, making it ideal for general contractors, bridge builders, steel erectors, pile-driving contractors and more. It continues the reputation established by two other highly-successful Manitowoc models, the Manitowoc 555 and the Manitowoc 777.

Steven Dick, technical sales support coordinator of Manitowoc, said the crane’s design makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

“Our engineers designed the MLC165 to facilitate general contractor activities, like pile driving and moderate clamshell or grapple work,” he said. “The MLC165 is built to be a versatile tool.”

The maximum boom length of the crane is 275 ft. 6 in. (84 m). It also has an optional fixed jib and luffing jib. The maximum boom and fixed jib length is 306 ft. (93.4 m) to 226 ft. (69 m) main plus 80 ft. (24.4 m) jib. The maximum boom and luffing jib reach increases to 337 ft. (102.8 m) to 167 ft. (51 m) main plus 107 ft. (51.8 m) jib.

The MLC165 features a more environmentally friendly 320 hp (239 kW) Cummins Tier IV Interim engine. A new open-loop hydraulic system, served by two variable displacement piston pumps, give the 180 ton crawler more lifting power than other cranes of its class, according to the manufacturer.“The MLC165 is a versatile machine that can outlift the competition,” Maloney said. “It’s easy to operate, easy to transport and satisfies the crane industry’s needs on the job site.”

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