Made to Measure at LIFTEUROP

Made to measure at LIFTEUROP!LIFTEUROP (ALIPA Group), a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of lifting equipment and accessories, has just installed a new sewing machine for its textile slings. Following the creation of its new internet site ( and a new catalog in 2013, this purchase underscores the management’s efforts to optimize the commercial development of LIFTEUROP and to upgrade the quality of its products.

Since its creation in 2010 following the takeover of the French company STAS (Société Technique d’Accessoires Spécialisés), LIFTEUROP has steadily invested in production tools and research and innovation to arm itself with the means to achieve its ambitions: to promote the STAS brand outside France and to expand its international business.

A new sewing machine for polyamide textile slings has just been added to the already impressive array of production machinery.

Textile slings account for 10 per cent of our sales. The fabric is sewn very carefully, drawing on all the experience and savoir-faire of the STAS brand. We take great care to supply our customers with perfectly finished equipment, which is greatly appreciated,” explains the engineer technical manager, Gaëtan Lambert.

 To ensure the safety of people and goods, LIFTEUROP sews its polyamide textile slings according to a very precise pattern. “We do not take chances with safety so the sewing must be perfect in order to support the working load limit (WLL). The polyamide thread used is regularly tested on a special tensile test bench,”explains Michaël Magerotte, the production manager. “Textile slings are susceptible to wear and cuts that can dangerously affect their strength. To protect them, we can sew nylon fabric onto the sling according to customer requirements, and/or provide a removable protective sleeve,” he adds.

To optimize traceability, LIFTEUROP offers its customers the option of sewing into its textile slings an RFID chip containing an individual traceability code for the sling, as well as personalized information according to user requirements.

About Lifteurop (

Founded in 2010 with its operations based in Wiltz (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Lifteurop manufactures lifting equipment in its own workshops, equipped with the latest machinery, to its own designs under the STAS brand, the flagship of the high-end lifting industry in France, ensuring the safety of people and goods since 1953. Its range includes chain slings, cable slings and textile slings, as well as lifting accessories such as rings, shackles and hooks and lifting systems such as spreader bars, sheet lifting clamps and beam lifting clamps.

Lifteurop has its own design office to handle the very specific demands of its customers, most of which are in the aeronautics, automobile, steel and heavy industries, as well as administrations and the military. Its lifting accessories are distributed in more than 35 countries worldwide. Lifteurop assembles its own components and uses proven manufacturing processes. It has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RSE certification and belongs to the ALIPA Group, which specialises in industrial packaging and lifting.

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