Loos & Co. Donates $500 to Community Center – Loos Employees Pay It Forward

Pomfret’s Loos & Company employees have a proven track record in their commitment to the safety and wellbeing of their fellow employees and community members. This week, Loos & Company presented a $500 check donation to the Pomfret Community/Senior Center.

The donation was powered by Loos & Co. employees choosing to receive a coronavirus vaccination. Once an employee received their vaccine, they only needed to show their vaccination card to the Human Resources Department for the company to make the donation.

A $50 donation was made for every employee who showed their proof of vaccine.

The Pomfret Community/Senior Center, located at 207 Mashamoquet Road, is one program offered by the Thompson Ecumenical Empowerment Group (TEEG).

TEEG Executive Director Anne Miller said this is the first donation from Loos & Co. in recent years. “It’s wonderful,” Miller said. “It’s great to receive this support from our neighbors.”

Loos Director of Corporate Marketing Robert Davis said the company is working hard to be an active organization within the community. “We try to be very involved with the community,” he said. “These community partnerships are central to our mission here at Loos.”

Miller said she was currently unsure how the senior center will use the donation. “We are opening up fully in July, although we never truly stopped meeting during COVID-19,” Miller said. “It’s possible we will use the funds to aid in that process.” Miller said one main focus at the center is the Food Pantry, now known as the Pomfret Market.

Loos Director of Manufacturing Jason Kumnick said staff were encouraged to receive the coronavirus vaccine. Efforts were made easier by an on-site vaccination clinic in May.

Loos & Co., headquartered at 16B Mashamoquet Road in Pomfret Center, is the industry leader in the wire and cable industry. More information about Loos is available at loosco.com.

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