Lincoln Hoist Adds RFID

Lincoln Hoist, the originator of the lever ratchet winch hoist or “come-along,” is introducing improved new models that include RFID tags, serialization, and more visible markings. These benefits will be made available to customers with no change in prices.

Regular inspection by a qualified person is one of the best ways to prevent accidents using this, or most any other tool used for lifting or pulling heavy loads. RFID tags help reduce the paperwork burden of performing and maintaining those inspection records. Lincoln Hoist’s newest improvement embeds a small 8mm RFID chip directly into the main hoist housing to facilitate the task.

In addition, Lincoln Hoist has reached an agreement with Infochip Systems to provide free inspection, certification and tracking software**.  This limited version (for Lincoln Hoist products only) of the widely used Infochip system is intended to offer inspection and certification report functions to smaller companies. According to Lincoln president Dave Hallen, “Large customers are requesting the RFID tags more and more. They have already discovered the benefits of using RFID software systems to keep track of fixed assets and to record inspection and certification information. Even though we aren’t charging customers for the chips, we want to be sure that smaller customers can get the benefit of RFID without the need to get into a full installation of the software. We are very pleased to be able to offer this package through Infochip Systems.”

RFID technology enables customers to quickly call up specific hoist information by reading the data embedded in the chip. They can then see pre-loaded information regarding inspection points, evaluate and record the various attributes, create notes, and generate inspection reports or certificates.

Enhancements planned for the future include the ability to have parts diagrams immediately available for quick call-out of correct repair part numbers.  According to Hallen “It’s important to understand that no other changes are being made to our tried and tested products. All of the internal workings are identical to (and interchangeable with) our older hoists.  If you liked the tools that we’ve built for the past 60 plus years, you will like these. You just get new added functionality at no cost.”

** While the software license is free, InfoChip software is web based (no software to install) and so does require a modest fee for setting up each new customer.

To learn more about Lincoln Hoist and RFID, please visit us at

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