Limpet® L5 Lifts New LEEA Award for Innovation

Mark Jeffery, sales engineer, Limpet Technology and John Jones, managing director, Lift Turn Move

Mark Jeffery, sales engineer, Limpet Technology and John Jones, managing director, Lift Turn Move

An ingenious height access and fall prevention system has won the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’s inaugural Product Innovation Award. Developed by Limpet Technology Limited and distributed in the UK by Lift Turn Move Limited (LTM), the Limpet® L5 is a portable, multifunction unit that combines powered climb assistance for personnel working at height with integrated fall prevention, rescue and evacuation capabilities.

Announcing the award at the LiftEx 2012 exhibition in Coventry on November 29th, Geoff Holden, chief executive of the LEEA, said: “The judges were unanimous in their admiration for the Limpet L5, which demonstrates that greater efficiency and improved safety can go hand in hand. Working at height is a major challenge for the lifting industry and there is no doubt that the Limpet L5 will prove an invaluable asset for many people working in the field.”

John Jones, managing director for LTM, said: “We have only been marketing the Limpet L5 for a matter of months and the response has been extremely positive. It is particularly useful in applications that put a real strain on workers in terms of climbing, such as stage rigging and wind turbine maintenance. This award underlines what a major step forward the Limpet represents in terms of both speed and safety.”

Measuring just 658 x 506 x 403mm, the L5 is ideal for supporting workers that need to access high structures. Users simply clip their harness to the Limpet’s integral safety line. An electric hoist controlled by sophisticated sensing technology then provides an ‘intelligent’ vertical pull of up to 90% of the user’s weight (including tools and equipment). As a result, Limpet users can make twice the number of ladder climbs with half the effort, resulting in less fatigue, fewer mistakes and reduced health risks. Where no ladder exists, the L5 can be used as a powerful personnel hoist, providing a simple and cost-effective method of positioning workers for difficult-to-access areas.

In addition to greater efficiency, the Limpet L5 guarantees outstanding levels of personal safety. Providing a constant tight rope from above, fall prevention is built-in and slips are arrested within 10mm. Furthermore, in the event of a medical emergency at height, the Limpet’s controls can be used to simultaneously lower two people to the ground.

The Limpet L5 weighs just 65kg in standard configuration and operates from a 220-240AC/16A/50-60Hz single phase power supply. Suitable for users weighing 40kg to 140kg, it is fully compliant with the HSE ’08 Type Test.

For more details on the Limpet, contact LTM Limited on 0151 649 0467, email visit

More information on the work of the LEEA can be found at

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