LIFTKET acquires all shares in ChainMaster

LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH has acquired all shares in ChainMaster Bühnentechnik GmbH effective on 1 August 2018. LIFTKET, a leading manufacturer of electric chain hoists, has been supplying ChainMaster for over 20 years. This event and stage technology specialist develops automated hoist systems including control, software, and operator interfaces. ChainMaster will continue operations as a separate company with its established ChainMaster brand and its facility in Eilenburg near Leipzig. Company founders Susanne Hartung and Frank-Rainer Hartung remain managing directors.

LIFTKET CEO Jürgen Dlugi plans to grow the stage segment, benefiting customers and employees of both companies. Both ChainMaster and LIFTKET supply international markets and work with qualified local partners for customer service and sales. The companies enforce a rigorous quality and safety management. At ChainMaster as well as at LIFTKET, product development and services are closely guided by customer requirements. The two companies will continue to develop and manufacture hoists for precise and safe positioning of lighting and sound equipment and other loads.

Both LIFTKET in Wurzen and ChainMaster in Eilenburg are located near the city of Leipzig, in the dynamic industrial region of Saxony. The excellent situation of the labor market for qualified professionals as well as good infrastructure provide optimal conditions for further growth.


LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH is an internationally renowned manufacturer of electric chain hoists with payloads ranging from 125 kg to 25,000 kg. At the company headquarters in Wurzen, Germany, currently about 250 employees develop and manufacture solutions for the three business segments industry, custom, and stage. A strong network of service and sales partners ensure customer-oriented stock-keeping, maintenance, and repair. LIFTKET manufactures modular electric chain hoists for virtually every application that involves the safe and precise lifting of loads. Founded in 1948 by Dietrich Hoffmann, the company initially developed agricultural equipment before specializing and exclusively focusing on electric chain hoists from 1953. Hoffmann’s innovations, namely the horizontal assembly of motor and gearbox and the formerly patented safety-brake/clutch system, still set the standard for electric chain hoists.

About ChainMaster

ChainMaster Bühnentechnik GmbH is an autonomous subsidiary of LIFTKET Hoffmann GmbH since 1 August 2018. Founded in 1996, the company is headquartered in Eilenburg near Leipzig, Germany. It is specialized in electric chain hoists and chain hoist controllers for theaters, sports arenas, concerts, and other events and venues according to the German safety regulations BGV-D8, D8 Plus, and BGV-C1. ChainMaster produces partly and fully automated systems for worldwide use according to international regulations and safety standards. The comprehensive product portfolio includes a SIL3 control system compliant with IEC/EN 61508. A global network of consulting offices, sales partners, and trained service providers ensures direct customer support anytime and anywhere.

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