Liebherr Splits Tower Cranes and Concrete

Liebherr is to separate its tower crane and concrete mixing businesses into two separate divisions. The worldwide tower crane headquarters will remain in Biberach/Riss, Germany, while the new mixing technology division will move to Bad Schussenried, Germany.

The manufacturing companies within the tower crane division include: Liebherr-Werk Biberach, Liebherr Industrias Metalicas in Pamplona, Spain, Liebherr CMCtec India in Pune, Liebherr Brasil Guindastes e Máquinas Operatrizes in Guarantingueta and Liebherr-Nizhny Novgorod in Russia.

Biberach will produce K and TT self-erecting cranes, MK mobile tower cranes, EC B top-slewers larger than 160 meters and EC-H, HC, HC L and DR cranes. The Pamplona plant will produce H and HM self-erecting ranges and EC B small flat-top cranes, while the plants in Brazil and India will manufacture the 85 EC B flat-top crane. The new plant in Russia will in future produce a 150 meter category tower crane.

Liebherr has also created two specialist tower crane operations in Biberach:
The Liebherr Tower Crane Solutions (TCS) a specialist team to provide consultancy relating to special construction projects, power station, plant engineering construction and wind power plant projects.

And the Tower Crane Centre (TCC) for rental and used cranes, responsible for coordinating and consolidating the international rental and used crane business for tower and mobile cranes.

The company says that more than 3,500 items are now available from Liebherr companies and dealers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France for a wide range of lifting applications. And that moving forward it will focus on the rental of these accessories, such as special undercarriages, tower sections, anchoring frames and gantries.

Dominique Tasch, managing director of Liebherr Biberach said: “The environmental conditions in the target markets for our tower cranes have been changing at an increasingly fast pace for some years now. In order to remain successful in the market we need to align internal processes and structures with the requirements of the international market. We will therefore separate the current Liebherr ‘Tower cranes and mixing technology’ product division into two separate divisions.”

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