Leadership and Craft Training Experts Launch Workforce Development Program

According to an October 2020 report from ADP on Workforce Vitality regarding construction industry staffing, four workers are leaving for every one that enters the industry.

Okos Partners LLC and Crane Industry Services LLC (CIS) announce the launch of TradeUp, a collaborative partnership program providing workforce development services for employers seeking skilled craft professionals.

“Traditionally, it takes four years, eight organizations, and a network of industry, education, community, and training organizations to get one person career ready,” said Peter Krammer, Senior Partner of Okos Partners. “That process can be daunting for prospective employees and employers.” TradeUp offers a fresh approach to the skills gap problem by working with employers to plan, create, and implement a workforce solution that directly connects education and community funding sources with employers to help people move into skilled trades and management careers.

Employers who participate in the TradeUp program first receive an assessment of their skilled labor requirements to see how that aligns with growth goals and the company culture. TradeUp then assists with recruiting and placement, career development, and safety culture and leadership training for employers in construction, utilities, manufacturing, and ports and terminal logistics markets.

“While the need is the same, the solution must often be customized to the individual company, specific project, or part of the country,” said Debbie Dickinson, CEO of CIS. TradeUp meets customers at their point of need. One company may need 50 crane operators. Another may need 100 line workers with rigging, heavy equipment, and emergency response abilities. TradeUp is designed to address current requirements, as well as the continued search for craft workers moving forward.

If needed, a talent recruitment campaign is implemented, which is supported by training and development. Once the program is established, TradeUp also provides ongoing program management to assist employers for long-term compliance, skill building, and credentialing of its workforce.

Learn more at www.tradeupworks.com

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