Larger and More Visible Color Screen with new SupraTEQ TW78 Waist Transmitter from Tele Radio

A much larger color screen than the well-known waist transmitters, plus even smoother images.

Tele Radio’s new SupraTEQ TW78 waist transmitter meets the increasing demand for better interaction when operating large machines, installations, cranes and vehicles. The SupraTEQ TW78 has been specially developed for the demanding mobile and industrial hydraulics sector, where screen size is often important for showing detailed feedback information.

When there are many functions to operate on complex machinery, it improves safety and ease of use if the required feedback is clearly visible on a color screen. The SupraTEQ TW78 features a 4.3-inch color screen that also offers smoother animations, with less flicker thanks to the dual buffering of the graphics memory. The user experiences the convenience of drawn images that do not show tearing (image overlap) and other artifacts or stutters.

The LED lighting in the handles of the transmitter is useful for use in dark locations. Not only is the transmitter clearly visible, the user also remains well in the picture. The front part also contains LED lighting that serves as a ‘flashlight function’.
The transmitter is PLe certified and therefore extremely suitable for work with a high safety risk, such as lifting and hoisting, especially moving heavy loads. The emergency stop function of the PLd/Cat3 level offers additional safety.

The SupraTEQ TW78 has been specially developed for the demanding mobile and industrial hydraulics sector

Supplement to the range of waist transmitters

The SupraTEQ TW78 is an addition to the Tele Radio range of waist transmitters with a 2-inch color screen. The TW78 with a 4.3-inch screen is the superlative of this. Also, in terms of feedback functionalities, the transmitter leads the way with vibration technology for warning and alarm feedback.

The transmitter works on the worldwide used 2.4 GHz frequency, is equipped with duplex communication, a robust housing and complies with protection degree IP65. The two replaceable and rechargeable batteries enable hot swapping. A wide selection of receivers is also available for the TW78, including wired/Harting connector, digital input and output, CAN/485, Modbus RTU, CAN Open/J1939.

SupraTEQ is the new name for Tele Radio’s multifunctional waist transmitter

As the expert in the field of secure wireless and radio remote controls, Tele Radio continues to lead the way. We see rapid developments that require a different approach. On the one hand, the technology is becoming increasingly complex, on the other it offers many more possibilities. We will see this reflected in the new way in which the channels are presented from now on. No longer do you choose a channel by animal names such as Tiger or Puma. With the new more technical names, which are linked to a new layout, we want to give a clearer indication of the shape, use, positioning or size of the transmitter.

With our new SupraTEQ transmitter, the word ‘Supra’ shows that we are dealing here with a larger and more specified transmitter. The name ending TEQ is a link to the ‘technique’ with which this transmitter is filled with. With TEQ we also indicate that it is a waist transmitter. The letter ‘Q’ is a direct reference to Quality = quality. We rightly call the SupraTEQ “the all-rounder within our range of waist transmitters”.

The names of the remaining Tele Radio waist transmitters will be renamed PrimaTEQ (previously known as Tiger T12) and VersaTEQ (previously known as Puma T26) depending on specifications and size.

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