Kinedyne Announces Enhancements To Load Binder Product Line

Kinedyne recently revised its chain/load binder product offering in an effort to make them fully compliant with newly released industry standards. The Web Sling and Tie-Down Association (WSTDA) – for the first time in its history – recently published a set of recommended standards for load binders. In the spring of 2011, the association released the publication “WSTDA T-6 Recommended Standard Specification for Load Binders Used with Chain Tie-Downs“ after a lengthy review of the matter.

WSTDA is a technical association dedicated to the development and promotion of voluntary recommended standards. Members of the WSTDA include a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers of synthetic lifting and tie-down products as well as transport chains and load binders.

The new standard will help ensure a minimum level of quality and traceability for all load binders. The changes to Kinedyne load binders were made in anticipation of action by federal and local enforcement agencies to eventually adopt the new standard into existing cargo securement regulations.

Ralph Abato, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Kinedyne, is a 28-year veteran of the industry. He has also worked closely with the WSTDA for more than 20 years and currently holds the title of Vice President of the association as well as a position on the Board of Directors of the group. “The WSTDA is a widely recognized and respected group that many in our industry look to for leadership and guidance,” says Abato. “Since no regulations previously existed for load binders, the new standard will help customers qualify their vendors and select those who provide safe and durable products that meet their cargo securement needs and meet all relevant industry standards. Kinedyne’s investment in our load binder product line will reinforce how committed the company is to providing the highest quality products in the industry.”

All new production of Kinedyne load binders will now offer the following features and benefits:

  • Manufactured & tested per the new WSTDA T-6 Standards for Load Binders.
  • Stamped markings on the binder with the Kinedyne logo, a manufacturer code and reference to the date the binder was manufactured.
  • Tags attached to each binder with Warning & Operating Instructions in trilingual (English, French, Spanish) language formats.

Kinedyne customers will eventually receive shipments of the improved binders – featuring all new marking and labeling enhancements – once current inventories are depleted from stock on a part number specific basis.

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