Jergens Inc. Announces Miguel Carreon as Product and Business Development Manager for Mexico

Jergens Inc. Announces

Jergens appoints Miguel Carreon as its Product and Business Development Manager for Mexico. In his role Mr. Carreon is responsible for sales and related activities for all three product lines throughout Mexico’s 32 states.

“I am very enthusiastic about increasing our (Jergens) installations with customers to solve their challenges”, said Miguel. “To get the best results, we conduct studies – including machining, tooling and components –working closely with Jergens’ team of engineers in Cleveland for the most efficient and productive solution”, continued Miguel.

A key initiative for the company is continued relationship building, not only with customers but also distributors. Currently several are in place with growth in the channel to the market as an objective. The mix of personnel, training and technical competence is critical to meeting customer demands for productivity and quality.

“Miguel’s experience in industry and engineering capabilities made him a perfect match for our needs in this growing market”, said Scott Halfhill, Jergens International Product and Business Manager. “We’re confident that his leadership style will resonate with team members and customers, helping Jergens to further grow in sales and reputation”, Halfhill continued.

Prior to joining Jergens in October 2022, Mr. Carreon worked in business development, and most recently for Grupo Impulso. He holds a professional degree in Mechanical Electrical Engineering from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP). Miguel lives with his wife, Zarina, and their three dogs in San Luis Potosí.

For information, call +52 (444) 587 2899, contact the company headquarters at 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898. Phone: 877-486-1454; Fax: 216-481-6193; e-mail:; or visit on the web at

Jergens, Inc. is a global manufacturing leader of CNC machining workholding products. The company is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified and committed to helping customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to “Manufacturing Efficiency”.

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