J D Neuhauss Process Technologies Boosted with Big-Bag Handling

Processing procedures involving powdered, granulated or other free-flowing materials require regular, high volume product top-ups to maintain adequate production through-puts. The specialized big-bag, air operated hoists manufactured by J D Neuhaus are suitable for operating with single or twin bag loads. These handling products also provide safe, speedy and accurate positioning, even where limited headroom conditions exist.

Typical applications include food products (salt, sugars, flour, starches etc), chemical and construction/building markets (limes-hydrate, plastics, minerals, cement), together with specialist markets including pharmaceuticals, granulate/GGBS, energy, environment/recycling/sewage etc.

Individual bag loads of 1100 or 2200kg can be accommodated, with precision handling facilities incorporated for discharge at storage sites or process line delivery chutes etc. The hoist systems are also designed for reliable and safe operation within dust laden atmospheres, including areas at risk of explosion. Their operating medium is compressed air (6 bar pressure), with additional spark protection also being available, ensuring explosion protection classifications according to Directive 94/9/EG (Equipment and Protection Systems Intended for use in Potentially Explosive Areas [ATEX]). The explosion potential of dust laden atmospheres can be high where handling powdered chemicals, but with more innocuous food based components or metallic powders all being susceptible to ignition where critical air/dust content conditions are reached.

The JDN big-bag handling hoists are purpose designed and feature twin overhead trolleys connected with rigid spacer beams, and the whole unit running on an overhead support beam. The hoists are dust-proof and explosion protected, designed for full 24/7 operation within extreme low headroom conditions. Individual handling capacities 1100 and 2200kg are available in two configurations of either single or twin lift/load hooks. The single hook unit is designed for operation with a standard cruciform lifting beam. The twin load hook models operate with more complex beam designs, or for standard lifting beams featuring twin suspension points. They can also be operated with synchronized lifting operation. Each hoist is fitted with a chain box, which is sited to eliminate the risk of collisions between loads and the chain box. The hoist low-headroom designs are also compatible with the handling of a wide variety of bulky or unusual loads. These big-bag hoists have 100% duty ratings, so eliminating downtimes. They can also be supplied with a wide variety of beam sizes and profiles, with optional hook centers located as required. The compact, modern design incorporates many JDN standard components to guarantee reliable operation combined with cost effective manufacture. No additional motor lubrication is required and only a small number of wear-free moving parts are incorporated for minimum maintenance. The hoists can be supplied with optional explosion protection ratings of: EX II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4 and EX II 2 GD IIB T4 or II 2 GD IIC T4.

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