J D Neuhaus Products for Heavy Industry

The J D Neuhaus company have been designing and manufacturing handling equipment for over two and a half centuries, and pioneered the use of compressed air for powering handling equipment in the early 1950’s. The latter development ensured that their lifting and pulling equipment was suitable for use in hazardous areas and environments where there was a potential explosion risk.

Their products, which now also include optional hydraulic powered operation, are used worldwide in all major heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction, shipbuilding, steelworks and even aerospace related for handling rocket parts. With a range that covers lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 100 tons, they now offer high performance, reliable products, 100% duty rated, that can be used wherever light, medium or heavy industries require the safe lifting, moving and precise placement of loads.

Over the years, the JDN company have developed many purpose designed products for use in specific industries, including the toughest fields where extremely high demands are made on both men and materials.

Their Profi TI series hoists are suitable for surface and underground working, operating off air pressures of 4 or 6 bar, with hydraulically operated units also available. Lift capacities from 250kg up to 100 tons are available with traverse trolleys for overhead monorail operation also available for lift ratings up to 20 tons maximum capacity. These trolleys can be supplied for manual, reel chain and motorized traverse movements, with rack and pinion drives also available.

These products are also complemented by monorail hoists which can accommodate tandem or synchronized lifting operations for up to 115 tons per hoist. Specialist hoists for big-bag handling and operation in low headroom conditions can also be supplied.

All these JDN products are Ex rated to ensure the highest levels of safety for operating in potentially explosive or other dangerous atmospheres which can occur in many diverse industries.

A specific mining application of JDN products include a Profi TI hoist with 37 ton lifting capacity used for the safe and successful handling of an assembled pipeline string of some 1000 meters in length. This involved the connection of individual pipeline sections, each eight meters long, to create a completed string weighing 30 tons which had to be positioned within a mining shaft. The compact and flexible hoist, offered excellent weight/load ratios, with the Profi 37 TI having an all-up weight of 880kg (with a standard 10 meter chain length) while providing an impressive 37.5 ton lifting capacity.

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