ITI Honored as Fastest Growing Company in 2014 by VBJ

VBJ Award   PSOn April 24, 2014 the Vancouver/Southwest Washington Business Journal celebrated success stories at its annual Business Growth Awards Banquet. Over 200 companies were nominated for awards in five subcategories. Of the initial 200+ nominations, 14 finalists were recognized at the awards banquet, with six eventually honored as winners in their respective categories.

Industrial Training International (, a world leader in crane, rigging, and lifting educational services, was recognized as the winner of the “Fastest Growing Company 10 Years or Older” category at the awards banquet. ITI was one of three finalists in the category, along with two accounting firms. You can read more about the three finalists here. Companies were assessed by an independent third-party board and evaluated on the following metrics:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Projected Revenue Growth
  • Job Creation
  • Expansion

ITI was acknowledged for its work spanning multiple industries, including aerospace, power generation, mining, pulp and paper, and more. With offices in Woodland (WA), Edmonton, and Rio de Janeiro, the business growth award reflects a nearly 30% increase in the company’s full-time staff since 2011.

ITI has experienced an average annual growth rate of 23% since 2008 and is maneuvering to facilitate additional growth in 2014 with two significant developments.

The Edmonton office is growing with the addition of two business development representatives and ITI’s headquarters in Woodland, Washington will undergo an expansion project. Currently home to the company’s original training center, maintenance shop, and business operations headquarters, the project is set to break ground in Q2 and conclude by the end of Q3. Project highlights include construction of a new 2,500 sq. ft. maintenance and fabrication shop and expansion of office space and the ITI Bookstore.

New Curriculum Development

A driving force behind ITI’s physical growth is the development and execution of new, cutting-edge course curriculum. Staying in line with one of the organization’s core values of innovation, a major strength of the ITI Field Services Team is recognizing key knowledge gaps within the lifting and hoisting industry and developing relevant education to help close those gaps.

FoRE LogoThe latest example of such innovation is a new, ground-breaking program set to launch in January of 2015 – Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering. This program was built to prepare key personnel with foundational knowledge in rigging engineering, exposing students to what they need to consider, and provide them with the resources to solve a challenge when it arises.

Heavy crane, rigging, and lifting activities take place in a variety of industrial environments. Engineers come on the scene with backgrounds in mechanical, civil, structural or other branches of enginering. However, in most engineering programs, students learn little to nothing about crane and rigging activities. Most engineers who enter this field are then required to learn on-the-job.

Others who conduct lifting activities include a multitude of non-engineers who have graduated through the ranks to take on roles of lift planner, equipment superintendent, or master rigger. In general, these individuals have learned a great deal on-the-job, but lack the formal education that the risky activities they are conducting call for.

Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering seeks to serve both of the aforementioned groups with a dynamic program format and delivery method. The program consists of five required courses and five electives; two electives are required to complete the program. Each course is comprised of three to six modules, with participants moving through the following program tasks within each module:

  • Reading and Media Viewing
  • Lecture Videos and Presentation Review
  • Discussion Questions
  • Assignments and Workshops
  • Exams

With the overwhelming majority of program students working full-time, one of the greatest benefits to Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering is the flexibility of the Program. It is possible to complete the entire program online, at the individual participant’s own speed. Hands-on training options at ITI Training Centers are also available as electives.

For more details on Fundamentals of Rigging Engineering please visit to download the program eBook that includes:

  • Program Format and Delivery Method
  • Profiles on All 14 Instructors
  • A Complete Program Outline
  • Individual Outlines for All 10 Courses
  • Program Pricing Options
  • A List of Program Supporters and Customers

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