Industrial Training International Chooses Panopto’s Video Platform to Power its New eLearning Programs

With Baby Boomers retiring in large numbers and a shortage of new graduates in many specialized engineering fields, industrial organizations around the world are facing a significant skilled labor shortage.  To help its clients worldwide address this challenge, Industrial International Training (ITI), a leading provider of educational and technical services, has launched an industry-leading eLearning training initiative, built with the Panopto video platform. The new eLearning program enables ITI to cost-effectively deliver high quality training to students anytime and anywhere on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

“Video has become essential to providing our students and our own employees with the information they need in a way that suits their individual learning styles,” said Christina Lanham, Manager of E-Learning and Digital Services, Industrial Training International.  “With Panopto, we’re able to capture any kind of learning material from a simple screen recording to a comprehensive field-based demonstration. It has had a dramatic impact on our ability to deliver professional education in an engaging, cost-effective way.” 

Drawing inspiration from best practices in leading universities and colleges, ITI adopted the Panopto video platform so that trainers could create video tutorials and course materials, and share them with technical audiences around the world. Today, ITI is using Panopto to train the next generation of specialized rigging engineers, as well as to improve its traditional in-class learning experience and more efficiently provide training for the company’s own new hires during onboarding.  

Bringing eLearning to Life: Delivering training videos to anyone, anywhere, anytime
In just a few months, ITI used Panopto to capture nearly 100 hours of lectures from all over the world. Instead of asking instructors to take additional time to record a lecture for the eLearning class, and paying for instructors to travel to a central location, ITI simply asked instructors to capture the lectures they were already conducting. 

Students progress through the course materials at their own pace, accessing the content through ITI’s Learning Management System (LMS) and viewing everything with Panopto. Panopto’s in-video search offers a powerful way to help students find specific content within highly technical presentations. Utilizing both automatic speech recognition (ASR) that indexes every word spoken by an instructor and optical character recognition (OCR) technology that indexes every word that appears on-screen in video graphics, screen recordings, and slide content, Panopto’s Smart Search helps to make any and all information in ITI’s course library instantly available to viewers with a few keystrokes.

Video for Employee Onboarding
While ITI selected Panopto’s enterprise video platform in order to create a new eLearning course for clients and expand the organization’s suite of training services, the company also found Panopto could provide a better way to manage its own internal training to support new hires. 

Using Panopto, the ITI training team recorded many of the employee onboarding presentations that traditionally required in-person delivery. By leveraging video, ITI was able to ensure every new hire received a consistent and comprehensive onboarding experience, regardless of their start date and location. 

“Sharing institutional knowledge and providing the right kind of employee training are imperatives for every organization,” said Sean Gorman, COO, Panopto. “ITI recognizes the incredible value that rich media brings to professional development, and its innovative approach to video-based learning offers a blueprint that other businesses can use to meet the demands of an evolving workforce.”

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