IDBLUE Introduces Next-Generation UHF Mobile RFID Reader for Smartphones and Tablets

IDBLUE today unveiled the world’s first mobile, Bluetooth® UHF RFID (radio frequency identification) reader for smartphones and tablets.

IDBLUE.UHF is a handheld, pen-shaped RFID reader that is ideal for use with smartphones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads. It is designed for precision asset identification and tracking applications in healthcare, retail, utilities, aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries. The readers are intended to meet the fast-growing demand for mobility along with global adoption of the Electronic Product Code Gen 2 standard for UHF devices.

Weighing in at just 60 grams – less than the weight of an apple – IDBLUE.UHF offers unparalleled portability and ease of use for close-proximity RFID applications. Other handheld RFID readers today can be expensive, heavy and cumbersome.

The innovative and ergonomic pen style shape of IDBLUE.UHF is small and lightweight, allowing it to fit conveniently in your pocket. The specially designed tip of the reader can be used to navigate and enter data on your smartphone, instead of using your finger. This feature is especially useful in situations where the user is wearing gloves.

“IDBLUE.UHF bridges the gap between the explosion in smartphone use and the rapid growth of RFID adoption,” says Steve Taylor, CEO, IDBLUE. “As companies increasingly integrate smartphones and tablets into their operations, IDBLUE turns these devices into a powerful asset tracking and management tool with a value-add RFID reader that seamlessly extends the capabilities of their smartphone infrastructure.”

Taylor adds, “The efficiencies enabled by RFID technology are more accessible than ever with our reader’s cost-effective UHF design, smartphone compatibility and intuitive interface.”

According to VDC Research, the global market for RFID readers grew nearly 25 percent in 2010, to more than 2.1 million units shipped. VDC predicts that by 2015 this will grow to more than 5.2 million units worth $1.65 billion.

While stationary RFID devices are most common today, mobility is rapidly gaining market share. Similarly, Gen2 UHF hardware, which represented about 14 percent of the total RFID hardware sales in 2010, is forecasted to account for almost half of the global market by 2015.


IDBLUE is a leading provider of ultra-mobile HF and UHF RFID Bluetooth readers for smartphones and tablets. IDBLUE products add value to any organization’s mobile infrastructure with low cost, high performance, and scalable RFID readers. With adoption in healthcare, retail, utilities, aerospace, oil and gas, and many other industries, the benefit to customers is simple – increased return on mobility. For more information, please visit

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