Holland 1916 Rugged RFID Tags Aids in Mine Inspection and Safety

Holland 1916 proudly announces a rugged RFID Nameplate Tag for automating the inspection and audit process for mining, construction, and oil rigs. Together with partner, Tri-State Wire Rope Supply Inc., the RFID inspection and audit solution has proven to increase efficiency and accuracy in conducting inspections while saving money in reduction of audit incidences and reducing the paper trail for a large mining company.

“The paper intensive inspection process is poor because reports can get lost, are hard to track, and inputting them into a computer system is labor-intensive,” said Nick Roberts, Sales at Tri-State Wire Rope Supply. “What’s more, mistakes can be made inputting information by hand and can lead to expensive fines.”

Mining companies are audited frequently and equipment such as fire extinguishers need to be inspected every six months according to Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Title 30 CFR 75.1100-3. To ensure that inspectors checked the safety equipment as required, Holland 1916′s stainless steel embedded RFID Nameplate Tags are attached to the location stations of the safety equipment. Inspectors and auditors carry handheld RFID readers to the safety equipment locations and upload an automated record of time, location, personnel, and equipment status to the inspection software.

Holland 1916′s ability to embed RFID into stainless steel nameplates with custom chemical etching allows RFID to survive the harshest environments. Holland 1916 provides RFID enabled tags with custom branding, human readable markings, multiple attachment types, and RFID encoding. Tri-State Wire Rope Supply Inc. provides the inspection service, sending staff members to job sites to examine equipment in use, and to report that equipment’s condition to the customer. The service submits reports to such regulating bodies as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Holland 1916 rugged RFID Nameplate Tag utilizes Field ID‘s safety compliance and inspection software system.

About Holland 1916

Founded 95 years ago, Holland 1916 is a progressive product identification manufacturer for the industrial market. Holland 1916′s RFID division specializes in the custom design and production of highly durable RFID transponder carrier solutions for extreme environments. Holland 1916 prides itself in providing creative and rugged RFID tagging solutions for the industrial OEM and service markets.

Learn more about Holland 1916 by visiting us at www.holland1916.com

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