Hoist Safety Revolutionized by MotoSuiveur® Device

A multitude of previous hoist safety concerns have now been solved by the revolutionary MotoSuiveur® – a mechanically failsafe hoist safety device created by Siguren and distributed in the UK exclusively by SCX Special Projects.

According to SCX Special Projects’ Nuclear Sales Manager Dave Little, “The MotoSuiveur® is the best thing that’s happened to hoisting technology for many, many years. It totally redefines the way hoist safety can be addressed.”

The MotoSuiveur®’s innovative technology will never allow a free-fall condition to develop in the event of a hoist drive or gearbox failure, instead bringing the load to a safe stop within 30° of angular drum rotation; typically within just 30mm of hook movement.

Initially developed for the high integrity Nuclear crane market, MotoSuiveur® is now making inroads in commercial arenas such as the Aerospace and Hot Metals industries, but is ideally suited to any application where personnel safety, high payload values and asset protection are key drivers.

The MotoSuiveur® – known in some circles as the ‘Motor Follower’ device – is already in use on a number of Nuclear Licenced Sites. From a safety perspective it should be seen as a permissive device. Being mechanically failsafe, even if the MotoSuiveur®’s controls fail, it still provides the safety function and arrests the load.

Incorporating a worm and wheel drive mounted directly to the hoist drum, the MotoSuiveur operates in an open loop configuration so that it simply ‘follows’ the rotation of the hoist barrel. In the event of any unexpected acceleration or movement for whatever reason, the MotoSuiveur® will lock the worm and wheel assembly. The patented function of the MotoSuiveur® then allows the worm to translate into a hydraulic damping chamber, absorbing the impact force, protecting the hoist structure and keeping the load stable. Once safely arrested the optional recovery system can be utilized to raise or lower the suspended load without any compromise to the functional safety of the system.

Like all the best ideas the MotoSuiveur® is simple in concept but very clever in execution. SCX Special Projects has a demonstration area at their head office in Sheffield, or a mobile demo kit that can visit clients, as it really does need to be seen to be believed.

Dave Little added, “MotoSuiveur® is as near to a ‘one stop shop’ device for addressing hoist safety issues as I’ve ever seen; brake failure, motive drive failure, gearbox failure, over speed protection, over load protection, quick load arrest – MotoSuiveur® addresses them all in a single, compact mechanically failsafe unit.”

The MotoSuiveur® is a standalone unit; it can be integrated in to new designs or retrofitted to existing systems, making it available to all crane and hoist manufacturers via SCX Special Projects, the sole UK distributor.

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