HKND Group Hires International Advisors for Nicaragua Canal and Development Project

HKND Group today announced that it has engaged two leading global firms to provide specialized advice and expertise as the company continues its work on the technical feasibility study and route determination. The firms include:

SBE, a Belgium-based, civil engineering firm that specializes in lock and canal hydraulics, including feasibility evaluation and conceptual and detailed design. SBE was responsible for the reference design of the locks for the Panama Canal Expansion, as well as a number of the locks in the port of Antwerp, Belgium and the sea lock in Sevilla, Spain. SBE has been involved in feasibility studies for infrastructure projects in developing countries including the Deep Sea Port in Ghana.

MEC Mining, an Australia-based engineering consultancy, which provides specialist planning, site management and on-site technical solutions for the strip mining and civil engineering sectors. MEC Mining will advise on the canal excavation design and spoil area design and management, as well as assisting in equipment selection, cost estimation and scheduling.

HKND Group Chairman, Wang Jing said: “As we move forward with the route selection process and feasibility work, we will be using the specialized consulting services of SBE and MEC to provide advice directly to the client team and to support the work being done by China Railway Construction Corp. Ltd. (CRCC) and its teams of sub-consultants. The inclusion of these world class advisors with deep experience in key areas of assessment, design, and planning will further strengthen the HKND team.

“I want to emphasize that these are very early stage relationships. HKND will deploy a variety of appropriate procurement models consistent with international standards over the life of the project. These models will be designed to best match the particular needs of this unique project and the capacity of the local and international advisor, supplier and contractor market. Later in the feasibility process, when sufficient information is in place to develop work packages, HKND will establish a dedicated office to manage the procurement process. We look forward to our team continuing to expand with local and international expertise across many disciplines to meet our exacting standards for quality and excellence,” Mr. Wang concluded.

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