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HIT TOOLSHIT Manufacturer has been making top-notch quality tools for professional traders in Japan since 1937.  Today, HIT Tools continues to diversify worldwide and become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional-quality hand tools.  Their major products are focused on the rigging, construction and plumbing industries, such as Wire Rope Cutters, Hand Swagers, Hoists, Bolt Cutters, Rebar Cutters & Benders, Cable Grips, Tension Meters, and All Threaded Cutters.

HIT Tools offers complete sizes of Wire Rope Hand Cutters, Hydraulic Cutters and Impact Cutters. Models of Hand Swagers are available from 1/32” to 3/8”. Both Wire Rope Cutters and Hand Swagers bench type can be mounted on a workbench for convenience. 

Additionally, HIT Tools has a variety of Hoists available from chain Hoists, Lever Hoists and Trolleys to Hand Winches and Beam Clamps.

HIT’s cable grips, allow you to easily open and close the jaw with one hand, while the other hand is free to pull the cable or work on other tasks. Since the jaw opening is larger than competitors’, it can pull wider size of cable by one grip and eliminate carrying many sizes of grip in the job site. 30 models cover all sizes of cable up to 15,000 Lbs capacity.

Finally, HIT’s Tension Meter provides accurate readings of pulling force, and features extra large eye-hooks for hooking a puller. Both Kilos and Pound graduation are available, capacity from 1,100 lbs to 22,000 Lbs.

HIT Strives for quality, not only offering outstanding products and services but also maintaining the most competitive pricing to cut the distributors cost.  HIT maintains maximum inventory at their 120,000 sq. ft. North American Distributor Center with a 99% order filled in 24 hours.  For more information, visit: www.hittools.com

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