HBC-radiomatic to Take Control of CONEXPO-CON/AGG

A variety of innovations will be on display with two particular products at the center of HBC-radiomatic’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG showcase when the construction-themed trade show takes place on 7-11 March 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The remote control manufacturer will present the technos A transmitter, a compact and ergonomic radio control for diverse applications including many types of construction machinery, cranes and conveying equipment; and radiomatic® photon camera assistance, which delivers live video images to the radio control’s color display.

HBC-radiomatic will address audiences in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, while it will also be a focal point of a new feature of the triennial show—a 75,000 square foot interactive zone called the Tech Experience. There, HBC-radiomatic will be part of a jobsite concept featuring autonomous / remote-controlled vehicles and systems.

Jeff Allan, CEO of HBC-radiomatic Inc., explained: “The Tech Experience will have a sandbox for attendees to get hands on time with scale models operated by HBC transmitters. HBC will have a bulldozer with different obstacles for attendees to negotiate and maneuver using our remote controls. The interactive experience is still in the development phase, but we envisage giving visitors varied challenges, such as knocking down a wall, picking up and moving aggregate material along with moving through construction obstacles. They will get hands-on experience of operating our controls, getting a feel for their responsiveness and understanding of the myriad of safety features.”

On display, the robust and multi-featured technos A transmitter will be shown in different versions. Two configurable color TFTs provide critical machine data including error notifications and warnings, such as high engine temperatures or overload information for the operator. Via a combination of other standout features, the technos A offers first-class performance in a convenient size.

Features include front panel lighting and a flashlight, both activated by a button or soft key, giving the operator clear vision in darkness. Automatic frequency management with 2.4 GHz technology ensures reliable operation in busy radio environments. HBC-radiomatic’s state-of-the-art automatic frequency management system is standard with technos A, while the merlin® Transmitter User Card protects the control from unauthorized use.

Meanwhile, whether positioning a gripper hook precisely over the load, driving a logistic vehicle through narrow passages, or applying a drill bit exactly at the desired position, radiomatic® photon camera assistance offers valuable support in demanding operations, during complicated driving maneuvers or machine surveillance tasks.

radiomatic® photon gives the operator a clear view of the machine and working environment, even in areas with limited visibility or where blind spots are present, shown on a 3.5-inch color display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

It is designed to interface with many Orlaco cameras from the FAMOS and CCC families. Depending on the application, cameras with different viewing angles can be used, and infrared cameras are utilized in low light conditions or even in complete darkness. The new camera assistance is available as an option for HBC-radiomatic’s technos 2, technos B and spectrum E.

See HBC-radiomatic at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in the North Hall and in the event’s newest feature, the Tech Experience. And learn more about HBC-radiomatic at this link.

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