Harrington Hoists Discusses the new RHN Heavy Duty Wire Rope Hoists

Overhead heavy duty wire rope hoists and crane systems have advanced to new levels of technology, extending the life of the equipment, increasing safety and ease of operation. In the past, these products had the function of simple up or down lifting, but product life span was cut short by overheated motors, overloaded capacity or operator abuse. Modern and intelligent engineering has now reversed the short life span for wire rope hoists and increased its production capabilities.

Industry Visions witnessed the new high tech intelligence of the RHN heavy duty wire rope hoists, known as the Rhino, on a recent visit to Harrington Hoists, Inc. in Manheim PA. Bret Lussow, Business Development Sales Manager, easily controlled the overhead crane as he talked about its modern and intelligent features. “The intelligence on the RHN comes from the controls inside its cover,” said Lussow. “We call it the RPU (Rhino Protection Unit) that has various functions to protect the hoist. Heat is a killer for hoists. If this hoist starts to overheat the thermal overload engages the RPU and allows the motor to cool down. Overloaded capacity is another factor of wear and safety. In the event the RHN is overloaded, our RPU will allow the hoist to lower the load but not lift it because it exceeds the hoist capacity. Long life for a wire rope hoist requires routine and preventive maintenance. We have a count hour meter on the RPU that keeps track of starts on the motor to help the owner determine when maintenance is due. The motor management system in the RPU protects the motor when a hoist operator stops and starts the hoist too rapidly. Delays are designed in the RPU so the motor can stop before it starts, thus eliminating excess wear. Finally a visual flashing light or siren can be added from the RPU to alert operators or other plant personnel that the hoist is in operation. Nothing can stop a Rhino!” Lussow exclaimed. “It’s tough and the intelligent engineering make it tougher.”

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is one of the oldest hoist manufacturing facilities in America dating back to the 1800s. Harrington Hoists, Inc. has manufacturing facilities in Manheim and Elizabethtown PA, as well as Corona California. Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a subsidiary of KITO CORPORATION of Japan, and also markets hoist and crane products in South America under the Kito Brand.

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