Harrington Hoists Announce Restructure of Executive Team; Industrial Hoist South American Markets Flourish with Harrington Hoists

Harrington Hoists Inc., in order to more effectively serve their customers in the U.S. and around the world, is pleased to announce two changes to its executive staff.  Scott Miller has been promoted from Vice President of Operations of Harrington Hoists, Inc. to the position of Managing Director of their KITO Europe Operations. Carlo Lonardi has been promoted from Vice President of Sales and Marketing to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Harrington Hoists, Inc., effective immediately. Both positions place key executives in leadership positions to help Harrington Hoists, Inc. and the KITO Corporation continue to improve their service level to their customers.

Miller began his career with Harrington Hoists, in 1986 as a sales representative.  He later took over and defined the position of Product Sales Manager in 1998 and finally, in 2003, assumed the senior leadership position as Vice President of Operations. As a well recognized professional in the overhead lifting business, Scott also held the position as President of the Hoist Manufacturer’s Institute (HMI) an important technical and marketing group for the industry. Miller holds a degree from Shippensburg University.  As Managing Director of KITO Europe, Miller will be responsible for creating a customer centric, high quality business.

Lonardi began his career with Harrington Hoists, Inc. as the Eastern Division Sales Manager in 1997 and was promoted to VP of Sales & Marketing in 2007. Carlo holds a B.S. degree in Business Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  His energy and passion have been instrumental in the continued growth of the company and his dedication to serving their customers is well regarded throughout the industry. As Chief Operating Officer of Harrington Hoists, Inc., Carlo will be responsible for increasing overall customer satisfaction as well as optimizing business performance.

With Lonardi in place at Harrington Hoists, Inc. , Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Harrington Hoists, Inc. and President of Kito Americas, Inc.  Edward (Ned) Hunter will increase his focus on adding the infrastructure necessary to serve their customers in North and South America.

Harrington’s Executive restructuring comes on the heels of their announcement of their one year anniversary of Harrington’s expansion into the industrial hoist South American Market.

Industrial hoist sales growth has been brisk in the ever-expanding South American market place for the new Kito Americas division of Harrington Hoists, Inc.(based in Manheim, Pa.). The division which began last year for Harrington has been described as exceeding expectations, according to Carlo Lonardi.

The new logistics structure allows hoist products to be shipped to South America from Manheim, Pa. rather than from Kito Corporation, Japan, which saves a great deal of time and money for South American customers.

“This has been an exciting year for Harrington,” exclaimed Carlo Lonardi. “South American industry has benefitted tremendously, being able to have a full cadre of support from the world’s leader in lifting solutions. We are able to service our dealers in the region with our full line of product support including engineering, training, and even a Spanish-speaking team here in Pennsylvania. Our new trading partners are receiving the benefits of Harrington’s strong sense of pride, which comes from 145 years of manufacturing excellence.”

In a recent interview on WVSN Radio, Jim Small, International Sales Manager for Harrington Hoists, Inc. DBA Kito Americas, Inc., was enthusiastic about the year’s progress.

“The South American economy is really on the move with lots of infrastructure growth due to harvesting raw materials and mining; with that kind of heavy industrial process activity there’s lots of building that demand hoist-lifting solutions. We have made some great relationships this past year with our dealers in South America. Great business relationships are a lot easier when you bring new things to the table.

“With the new Kito Americas we are able to ‘quick fill’ dealers’ stock by immediately supplying even one or two hoists if needed. The other great benefit is immediate communication due to being in the same hemisphere. Our mission was to penetrate South America country by country, and we have done just that. We are proud to announce the addition of Chile starting April 1, 2012.”

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