Hansa Meyer Uses Hydra-Slide Skidding System for Transformer Installation

A 500-ton capacity, hydraulically powered, heavy track skidding system was chosen to position two transformers, originating from China, that had traveled 500 miles through the heart of Texas.

Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging USA used a HT500 and a Hydra-Pac Synchronous Electric power unit, both from Hydra-Slide Ltd—an Ontario, Canada headquartered manufacturer of specialized skidding and rigging equipment—in addition to two Goldhofer trailers to complete the job.

The Hansa Meyer team in Houston said: “We went with the Hydra-Slide as opposed to a crane because not only was it more cost-effective for our customer, as we already owned the unit and had an experienced team in place to operate it, but also because we were able to better utilize the work space versus the area that would be needed for the use of a crane when factoring in mobilization, crane mats, counterweights, etc.”

Both transformers had dimensions of 26ft 3in by 12ft 10in by 13ft 9in, weighing 186,509 lbs. apiece. Upon arrival at the Port of Houston, the first transformer was directly discharged onto a 10 line Goldhofer DR and the other a 12 line SL Goldhofer with gooseneck. The project also included moving 12 truckloads of accessories to complete the installation at the final destination in West Texas.

The Hansa Meyer team explained that extensive planning preceded the Texas stage of the project: “A route survey was completed and the necessary permits were applied for. During those applications, we had to submit transportation drawings, specifying axle load and distances between the axles, which were required to obtain bridge permits. Drawings were also necessary to indicate specific dimensions of the transformers, trailers and overall length, height, width and weight of the loads. In addition to the paperwork, the trailers themselves had to be assembled.”

The HT500 is one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods of moving, loading and unloading all types of heavy or oversized loads. Beyond transformers, this system is commonly used to slide reactors, generators, compressors, pressure vessels and other machines where a rigid, load supporting track is required. Hansa Meyer designed and engineered an 8ft container to store all the components of the Hydra-Slide system to ensure the integrity of the equipment, which was utilized over two days—one day allocated for installation of each transformer.

Seven personnel from both Hansa Meyer Global Transport and Hansa Meyer Heavy Haul & Rigging combined to successfully complete the installation. The sister companies regularly team-up on worldwide logistics and freight forwarding projects.

Learn more about Hydra-Slide at this link.

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